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Where I Shop For Plus-Size Fashion

Where I Shop For Plus-Size Fashion


Finding plus-sized clothing (I really hate the term plus-size…) that actually looks good and doesn’t totally hide my shape has been a struggle for me. As a lover for fashion, I struggled when I was younger to match my personality and fashion sense to the clothes I actually wore. I hid in ill-fitting, too-big tops and would never be caught dead in a dress.

Nowadays, it’s much easier. The fashion world still has a long, long way to go, but it’s also made some major improvements when it comes to plus-size fashion, which has also become much more accessible.

The stores below are simply the ones I tend to venture into the most, but by no means account for my entire wardrobe. If you have more questions about where I shop, hit me up in the comments!

Forever 21

I realize I have far surpassed 21, but my age can’t stop me from shopping here. I love fashion and I can’t help but want to indulge in seasonal trends — at Forever 21 you can do just that without burning a hole through your wallet.

They have a wide-range of pieces in their plus section, and the sizing goes up to a 3X. I wear a 1X in tops and dresses and a 16-18 in jeans, depending on the style.

I don’t love every collection that gets released, but Forever 21 has become my go-to place to find jeans. I also own a ton of dresses and tops, all of which are from the plus collection, and a ridiculous amount of accessories (I’m a sucker for the strategically placed jewelry near the cash register).

Addition Elle

I only discovered Addition Elle about a year ago. I always knew the plus-size fashion store existed, but had just never really paid much attention to it. Then, while I was perusing The Stockyards Shopping Centre in Toronto, I saw a new Addition Elle store and ventured inside. And I have been hooked ever since.

You’ll definitely spend more at Addition Elle than you will at the other stores I’m listing, but it’s nice to have a few good-quality staples in your closet. Plus, between sales and their Fashion Dollars program (they periodically send me coupons that, for example, will get me $40 off a purchase of $150 or more).

Most of their items fit true to size — I wear a 1X or size 14-16.

As with most stores, I haven’t managed to find any bottoms that work for me at Addition Elle. I do own a small selection of tops (a sweater, a couple of crop tops), a dress, and a moto jacket. I also have a handful of accessories, a pair of boots and some PJ pieces. I’ve become a bit obsessed with their lingerie section, and pretty much exclusively wear undergarments from Addition Elle now. Their Ashley Graham collection is gorgeous.


Okay, I know H&M doesn’t actually have a plus-size section, but a good chunk of my wardrobe is from there anyway. Some of their items fit like a dream, while other items I couldn’t even get one arm into.

Sizing seems a bit weird at H&M, as I have items that are larges, 12s and 14s (some collections are available up to a size 12 and I have seen others in 14s and 16s). The other day, I bought a shirt that was a size 10… so shopping at H&M definitely requires a bit of time in the fitting room.

From H&M, I own a handful of sweaters, most of which fit loose and baggy. I have a bunch of t-shirts that I tend to just wear around the house and a few tanks. When it comes to bottoms, I have never tried on any of their pants, but I do own a couple of super comfy and totally cute skirts, as well as a pair of shorts.

H&M is definitely a hit or miss for me, but when it’s good, it’s oh so good! Plus, they have prices I can get onboard with, especially during their seasonal sales (I am so down for $7 tanks and $10 skirts!).

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