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Alaska Glacial Mud Co. - The Glacial Facial Purifying Mud Masque [Review]

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. - The Glacial Facial Purifying Mud Masque [Review]


The Alaska Glacial Mud Co. specializes in natural luxury/spa products that are made, as their name suggests, with “wild Alaskan ingredients.” The company is paraben-free, doesn’t use animal byproducts, and is people-tested. I tried out The Glacial Facial, a purifying mud masque that is designed to promote cell regeneration, absorb toxins and nourish skin.


Product Details: 

Company — Alaska Glacial Mud Co.
Product — The Glacial Facial
Price —  $34

The Smell:

The Glacial Facial comes in three scents — Refreshing (lavender and peppermint), Relaxing (vanilla and lavender) and Original (unscented). I tried the Refreshing formula, which lived up to its name. The lavender and elder flower took centre stage, providing a fresh, floral scent (it may be a bit strong for those that are sensitive to smells).

The Formula: 

The masque is smooth and creamy, but wasn’t quite as thick as I expected. I applied the product with a brush, which was more effective than using my fingers. However, I found it difficult to apply an even layer. When I tried to fill in areas that were sparse, my brush would just move the product around, sometimes removing it altogether. In the end, I had a pretty uneven layer, and some areas were much thicker than others.


The directions on the box say you should keep this on for 15 minutes. About 7-8 minutes after application, I began to feel a tingle in certain spots, particularly under my nose and upper lip, my jaw and temples. (I love being able to feel a product work its magic!)

Because of the uneven application, it took longer than 15 minutes to dry, so I gave it an extra 5 minutes. Once the product was dry, I could feel my skin tighten a bit, but not as much as I expected. I could still move my brows and lips without cracking the masque.

The creamy texture made it super easy to wash off.

The Effectiveness: 

After washing the masque off, my skin immediately felt clean, fresh and soft. The masque seems to have tightened my pores, and even helped clean out the pores on my nose (I had noticeably less blackheads!). In the hours following, I felt a bit of tightness on the upper part of my cheeks, which is a sensitive area in general and where I have the most redness.

The next day, I noticed that the masque helped to extract toxins out of my skin, resulting in a few small pimples. This makes The Glacial Facial a great product to use when you start to notice those pesky blemishes just under the skin. If you have a big event coming up, use this product a few days prior to give your skin time to heal.


I would definitely recommend this product. It does what it says and has the added bonus of being a clean beauty product from a company that is dedicated to sustainability. I’ll be adding The Glacial Facial to my weekly skincare routine to help keep my pores clean and skin refreshed.

*I received this product as part of the 2017 Clean Beauty Awards. I am a judge for the annual awards celebrating the best in clean and sustainable beauty products.*

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