Blog & Article Writer

I create content for a variety of industries and publications, covering topics from beauty to entrepreneurship, and everything in between. My work varies from short, viral stories to long feature interviews.

Please visit my portfolio for samples of my writing. 

Communications Consultant

I work with brands and individuals to build exposure and engagement for all front-facing digital activities. This includes creating content for newsletters, social media, blogs, and other promotional materials. I also build content strategies that empower clients to take the reigns on their own online communications. 


Strategic Storytelling

Sometimes, all it takes is a well-told story to spark interest. Storytelling is one of my greatest passions and, paired with the right strategy, will put a spotlight on the human side of your brand. I can help execute your story, giving it the flow, language and care it deserves -- so you and your brand have a new way to connect with potential customers. 

Driving Impact 

Storytelling and impact go hand-in-hand. A great story has the potential to drive incredible impact -- through an empowering campaign,  by connecting your brand to important causes, and  by relating to the human condition. Positive impact can be created in any industry through any kind of business, as long as the will to do so exists. By telling your story, together we can create positive change.